to clean the toilets 

Clean the toilets – Source: spm 

If the toilet brush repulses you, know that it is not the only dirty thing in your bathroom. Indeed, the toilet harbors several germs and fecal bacteria, especially on the inner edges of the bowl.

How to effectively clean the toilet brush and rim of the bowl?

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toilet brush 

Toilet brush – Source: spm 

To clean and disinfect it, you can use white vinegar. To do this, cut off the top of a plastic bottle, fill it halfway with white vinegar and dip the brush in it. Leave it on for a few hours  and rinse your brush.  For this, you can immerse the brush in the bowl, without letting go of the handle. Keep the lid half closed and flush the toilet.

You can also use this natural cleaner  to disinfect both the toilet bowl and the brush , and thus kill two birds with one stone. To do this, pour a little white vinegar into the bowl and dip the brush in it. Let sit for a few minutes, and remove the toilet brush  before flushing. This trick will allow you to clean the brush, but also to eliminate limescale deposits in the bottom of the bowl.
You can also soak your toilet brush in soapy water, diluting a few drops of dishwashing liquid in warm water.

Tip:  To ensure that your toilet brush is always clean, remember to leave a little white vinegar in the receptacle.

Note that the toilet brush should be cleaned once a week and changed every 6 months.

  • Toilet bowl rim

The rim of the toilet bowl also contains  bacteria and fecal particles.  To clean it, you can use white vinegar. This natural product is an effective limescale remover for cleaning and  removing traces of limescale on the rim , thanks  to its descaling and disinfecting properties.  To do this, soak sheets of paper towel in white vinegar and place them on the inside edges of the bowl. Leave on overnight, and the next day, remove the papers and flush the toilet. Another option is to pour white vinegar over the rim and let sit for a few minutes. Then sprinkle some baking soda and scrub the walls with a clean toilet brush. Baking soda is a descaler, but also an effective natural deodorizer  to eliminate bad odors.  Note that cleaning the rim will be in vain if your brush is dirty. It is for this reason that it is necessary to clean and disinfect it first.

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Clean the rim of the toilet bowl – Source: spm

Finally, it is important to disinfect all the surfaces of your toilets. To do this, soak a sponge or microfiber cloth in white vinegar and use it to clean the toilet seat and the flush button. Moreover, white vinegar is a very effective natural product to clean and shine the whole bathroom. You can also use other cleaning products like soda ash or citric acid which is  good for  cleaning  the toilet effectively. 

How to prevent the spread of fecal bacteria from the toilet throughout the bathroom?

To keep your bathroom clean and avoid contaminating all surfaces with germs and faecal bacteria from toilets, it is important to lower the seat before flushing the toilet.  In fact, when you flush the toilet, germs and faecal bacteria  can spread through the air  and infect bathroom objects, such as toothbrushes. Moreover, it should not be kept in your bathroom. In addition to being exposed to fecal bacteria, the humidity of this room  prevents it from drying properly. It thus becomes a fertile ground for the development of bacteria.

That said, a bathroom that contains a toilet needs special attention. To maintain the cleanliness of this room, it is important to carry out a good cleaning of the toilets. This involves the toilet brush, but also the rim of the bowl. With these natural household products you can effectively eliminate bacteria and germs that lodge in the smallest corners of the toilet, without using chemicals, such as bleach.